CAS Number 68442-33-1 Low Chlorine Content CPP resin

Low Cl content Granular CPP is used as main functionality raw material in the production of printing ink, coating and primer.

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    Any chinese port
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    Light Yellow
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    20KG Carton
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CPP Resin is a nontoxic light yellow granular solid. Depending on the difference of chlorine content, its melting point is generally in the range of 80~160℃ and its decomposition temperature 120~200℃. It is easily soluble in some organic solvents like halogenated hydrocarbons, toluene, acetic ether, butanone, ester, etc. and it has high rigidity and good properties of wear-resistance,acid-proof, salt water-tolerance and aging-preventing.


Type NO.



Yellow granular    

Cl content %


Viscosity mPa.s/25°C


PH Value



1.Used as adhesive agent of composite printing ink. It is available in producing the printing ink of biaxial oriental polypropylene(BOPP) that is used as packing film of candy and BOPP composite packing.

2. It can be coating for BOPP film and using as adhesive for double-layered PP film or PP film covered paper in packaging Industry.

3. It can be used as adhesive for coatings on polypropylene profiles.


Packed in 20kgs Carton; 12800kgs/1X20’FCL with pallet

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