High Quality Colorful Glow In The Dark Powder

It has to be specially processed through dyeing. They have bright appearance, usually in red, yellow, green, purple, and so on.

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    Yellowish, white, azure, red, blue, green, pink...
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    Any Chinese port
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Luminescent Pigment

Luminescent pigment (Strontium Aluminate glow in dark pigments) is a kind of rare earth photoluminescent powder, with no radioactive component. After absorbing visual light, sunlight, lamp light, UV light etc, it can store the energy and give off light in dark. 





Rare earth strontium aluminate


Inorganic Pigment


5-10um, 10-30um, 30-50um, 50-75um, 149um, 550um, 800um, 2000um

Afteglow Intensity



Yellowish, white, azure, red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, pruple

Glow color

Green, blue,azure, red, orange, white, yellow, purple

Life time

More than 15years

Heat resistance

-40~+1000 celsius degree


Luminous sign, Luminous artcraf, Luminous glass, Luminous mosiac, Luminous stone, Luminous plastic, etc.

Using method

Coating, spray, brush, printing, injection


Non-toxic, harmless, No-radiation

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