Characteristics of using water-based ink

Mar 31, 2022

Water based ink is developing rapidly in the cause of global environmental protection, let's talk about the characteristics of using water-based ink:

1) slow drying effect on printing quality: general of water-based ink can be divided into two types, one is alcohol (> 10%), one is less do not contain alcohol or alcohol (< 10%).No matter what kind of products, in view of solvent-based inks, has been slow to dry ink.Slow dry ink in water, can cause great difficulty to dry ink, printing quality is easy to cause flow (water), after tack, unequal transfer problem.In general, in ink, the higher the content of ethanol, the more likely the problem little except (isopropyl alcohol).

(2) transfer rate influence to printing quality: with ink, different solid content, ink transfer rate is not the same.Put a blossoming smile (filling) material, in terms of resin, the content is different, transfer rate is also different.High resin content (> 30%), the light version of the transfer rate is high;Low resin content (< 25%), deep version of high transfer rate.How to do a high-profile to low-key version (dark color) transition, this is the problem of water-based ink.Otherwise, due to the uneven transfer rate, it is difficult to print out hierarchical effect.

(3) the solubility influence to printing quality: in water-based ink, water is not a true solvent, that is to say, water cannot be separate to dissolve resin.So-called water-based ink, in which water is not the continuation of the continuous phase and dispersed phase is not continuous.For this reason, when adding water ink, you need the assistance of other factors, can make water evenly dispersed in the ink.The use of water-based ink, cannot like solvent ink, can be arbitrarily add diluent.Otherwise you can be sure that transfer printing quality will be uneven, show color uneven, dispersion phenomenon such as bad.

(4) covering rate influence to printing quality: due to reasons of water-based ink use resin, pigments, the color is often more transparent.This is the problem of insufficient cover rate.Adopt the method of enhancing the pigment content, can solve part of the problem, but also a large negative effects, such as high viscosity, thixotropy. Printing enterprise, therefore, cover rate high demand, if any, shall be made to the system of ink factory.

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