What is the features and advantages of water-based Inks?

Jul 29, 2021

Due to today's overall environmental protection and resource conservation, water-based inks have received widespread attention from inside and outside the industry due to their unique environmental performance, and have become the main direction of the current ink industry development. So, what is the advantages of water-based Inks?

Waterborne ink features and advantages:

1. Water-based ink is a new environment-friendly printing ink with good adhesion, good softness, good elasticity, anti-adhesion, water resistance, good printing ability and high solid content.

2. Non-flammable, stable ink, non-corrosive printing substrate, prevent color change, strong water resistance and rapid drying. It can not only reduce the hidden danger caused by static electricity and flammable solvents, but also reduce the residual toxicity on the printing surface, and it is very convenient to clean the printing equipment, so it is especially used in food, beverage, medicine and other packaging industries.

3. Water-based ink solvent for water and a small amount of alcohol, significantly reduce VOC emissions, can prevent air pollution, does not affect human health, in direct contact with the human product, such as: T-shirt and other pure cotton, elastic cloth, insole printing industry also has a very wide range of uses, is the world recognized environmental protection materials, is currently all printing ink approved by the United States Food Association of ink.

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