Common Problems Of UV Ink

Nov 12, 2021

Is the merchandise printed with UV ink not shiny and bright enough? A million bad exercises, mild curing isn't thorough, the appearance of sticky? Don't worry, these questions are clearly stated at one time now, so you can use them after reading them!

A. The gloss is not good and the brightness is not enough.

The key reasons are as follows: 

(1) the viscosity of UV ink is too little and the coating is too thin; 

(2) excessive dilution of non-reactive solvents such as ethanol;

(3) irregular coating of UV ink; 

(4) powerful absorption of paper; 

(5) too thin display roller, absence of petroleum provide nourishment method: In accordance with the different states of paper, the viscosity and coating amount of UV ink ought to be suitably enhanced. A coating of base oil can be coated on paper using strong absorption.

B. Poor performance, pristine light curing and tacky Look

The key reasons are: 

(1) insufficient ultraviolet light intensity; 

(2) aging and weakening of ultraviolet lamp tube; 

(3) long storage time of ultraviolet ink; 

(4) excessive involvement of diluents which don't participate in the reaction; 

(5) excessive speed of this machine.

C. There are white spots and pinholes in the published matter.

Can also participate in a small quantity of smoothing aids. The busy diluent that engages in the response is the ideal choice for dilution.

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