Difference between solvent based ink and water based ink

Jun 15, 2021

Solvent based ink and water based ink is a different specification for each one of them. We would like to explain the differenct between solvent-based ink and water-based ink as follows:

1. After checked with this figure, It is easy to know that we can get Water-based ink by replacing most of the organic solvent with water
2. Water based ink on average dry at 1/5 of the organic solvent drying rates
3. We can categorize the printable materials into absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
The absorbent substrates are referred to materials such as paper and cardboard.
The non-absorbent substrates refer to film such as PE, PET, PP, OPP, Aluminum foil, Woven PP ... etc
The challenge for water-based ink is simply the time needed for the ink to dry on non-absorbent substrates as it takes more energy and more time to dry. However, on an absorbent substrate where the surface tension is much higher than non-absorbent, could withstand a higher temperature and has a higher permeability, drying is less of a problem for water-based ink.
4. For environmental standpoint, Water-based ink emits much less VOCs.
so the cost of pollution of Water-based ink is much less when we compare it with solvent-based ink.

Finally, you can produce water-based ink when your application is able to run at slow printing speed and on an absorbent substrate. Or you can produce solvent-based ink when your application is printing speed and on the non-absorbent substrate.

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