Erucamide is a kind of higher fatty acid amide, one of the important derivatives of erucic acid, which is refined from vegetable oil. It is a waxy solid without peculiar smell, insoluble in water, and has certain solubility in organic fluxes such as ketone, ester, alcohol, ether and benzene.
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    White Powder or Granular
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    25Kgs Bag
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Compatibility with the polymer: PP PVC, PU, TPE,TEO,HDPE, PVC, PU,

TPE, TEO, HDPE, PE, PP/PEPVC Foam PE, PP / PE bottle, PVC Rigid

The appearance of white powder granular. Soluble in toluene, hot ethanol, ether and other organic solvents, insoluble in water.

This product has passed SGS environmental protection test in line with the EU RoHS environmental directive.


Appearance white granules or powder (room temperature)
Odor No odor
Boiling point / range: 210-270℃(atmospheric) 
Melting point / range 79-86℃. 
Flash point 320℃(Open Cup)
Weight about 827Kg/m3 (110℃)
Loose weight 0.85-1.05g/cm3.
Solubility in water usually insoluble.
In other solvents solubility soluble in toluene, ethanol, hydrocarbon solvents
Volatile negligible. 
Vapor Pressure negligible.


1, can be used as CPP, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PVC, PVDF, PVDC, PU, multi-layer co-extruded film, high transmittance of plastic sheeting, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and metallocene polyethylene, such as agents and the opening agent, can significantly reduce the product (film or sheet) of the dynamic and static surface friction coefficient, increase the ease of processing and packaging operations efficiency;

2, in the ink from, anti-stick and anti-fouling effect, delay the settlement of pigments and fillers, to help re-distributed to increase the prints resistance to abrasion, scratch resistance, surface smoothness, in particular, to improve their sexualand color printing of anti-adhesive;

3, in the rubber (SBE, SBP, SBR, PP) added to the goods, rubber products can increase the gloss, anti-fouling and elongation, and enhanced wear resistance to promote curing, in particular to prevent the effects of the sun cracks ;

4, can be used as a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE, TEO, TPU) and fluoride release agent and the surface of rubberand brightener, lubricant and release agent engineering plastics, LDPE leather rolling lubricant, fiber material, non - Textile fabrics and entertainment agentchips, as well as wear-resistant materials such as PA (gears, seal sleeve, skateboards, etc.) agents and modified ABS graphite fiber dispersant lubricating materials.

25 Kgs/bag or as required


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