High softening point ketone Resin for Paint

Ketone resin, also known as polyketone resin, ketonic resin or ketone-aldehyde resin, is the condensation of cyclohexanone and formaldehyde containing carbonyl and hydroxyl groups. It shows excellent compatibility with almost coating/printing raw materials and soluble in almost organic solvents.

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    Colorless or yellowish Solid
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    Any chinese port
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1) Solubility

Polyketone resin can almost dissolve in all the organic solvent such as benzene, ester, ketone and alcohol. It also has high endurance to aliphatic solvent and plasticizer.

2) Compatibility

It has slight color and wide compatibility, compatible with almost all the synthetic resin used in gravure printing ink.

3) Structure

With saturated structure, it can be intercalated in almost compound and transfer the chemical endurance to the ink and coating that uses SN-206 resin.

4)  Polar

Because of the polar, it can substantively improve the adhesion, pigment imbibitions and luster.

5) With low viscosity and high compatibility, it can be used in high solid content ink (proper to the high-speed print more than 200m/min) and coating.

Main Products and Quality:



Softening Point(℃)


Hydroxy value(mgKOH/g)     


Acid Value




(40%2-propanol solution)



ink:  printing ink, gold blocking ink, anti-forge ink and flexible relief ink etc.
paint: nitro-paintacrylic resin paint, chlorinated rubber paint ,amino resin paint ,polyester paint. 
overprinting varnish: overprinting varnish for papercigarette bag etc.
adhesive: heat-melting type pressure sensitive adhesivesolvent sensitive adhesive.
colour paste: ideal interlocking material, can shorten paste mill time greatly.

Packed in paper-plastics composite bag 25kg. 
Stored at dry and ventilated condition, be far away from flame. The shelf life is one year. Take shelter from light and rain during transportation.

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