How to solve ink residual odor problem?

Aug 02, 2021
We all know that surface printing ink must emphasize their luster as the film can not be supplemented by light. However, polyamide resin has a problem with residual solvent. Because the plastic gravure printing process is mainly by hot air to dry, hot air to dry the ink surface, the drying mechanism is from the outside dry, from the outside in, gradually dry out. But since the outside dries first, the membrane forms first. The formation of this layer of film, although to avoid the next color group printing ink stick, but also prevent the inner layer of solvent emission.

Therefore, the use of polyamide resin ink printing, in order to make the ink thoroughly dry, the hot air should be properly opened larger, the speed can not be too fast. To remove as much residual solvent as possible. Otherwise, we often meet this situation in our daily production. A roll of finished products printed down, packaged into the box, after a period of time to open, a pungent smell on the face, this is often recruited to customer complaints of residual odor problem.

To solve this problem, we suggest that on the basis of not changing the ink, take the following measures:

1. Appropriately increase the drying temperature, slow down the speed, so that the solvent volatilization is sufficient;

2. Check the exhaust gas system of gravure printing machine, check the air inlet pressure and the air outlet pressure, refer to the data provided by the printing machine manufacturer, make the pressure difference as large as possible.

Sometimes, the heat has been opened too much, but the smell is still there, at this time, it is necessary to check the wind pressure, if only the temperature and no qualified wind pressure, the solvent is still not very good volatile. Pay attention to check whether the air duct is smooth. In the days of low pressure, the exhaust system itself can not meet the process requirements, then we should check the rationality of the exhaust system.

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