Raw Materials (Resin) for SB Gravure Inks from Sunman

Mar 15, 2021

What is Gravure Ink?

Gravure (Rotogravure) inks are solvent-based ink with low viscosity, which can be quickly dried by vaporization. The advantages of gravure printing lie in the high, consistent, and continuously reproducible print result. Further, the benefit of fast-drying ink contributes to an immediate post-finishing of the printed goods. The ink is usually used in commercial printing of flexible materials, such as magazines, postcards, corrugated cardboard, plastic films, aluminum foil for product labeling, and all consumer packaging.

What resins Sunman can supply?

Sunman has a variety of raw materials being offered for gravure inks. These are the following:

1. CEVA Resin

It is the resin for gravure reverse printing on flexible packaging film such as OPP, BOPP, etc.

2. Chlorinated Polypropylene (CPP) Resin

It enhances the adhesion to the substrates such as BOPP, OPP, etc. It is also the main resin for gravure reverse printing.

3. Polyamide resin

It is a resin for gravure suface printing. It can be used on paper, PE, and PP substrates.

4. Vinyl chloride and Vinyl isobutyl ether resin

It is a resin for gravure reverse printing on flexible packaging substrates such as BPP, OPP, etc. It improves the compatibility of EVA and CPP resins.

5.Vinyl chloride and Vinyl acetate copolymer resin

It is a modifier resin to improve flexibility, adhesion, and heat-sealing properties of the ink. It is a resin for gravure reverse printing inks.

6. Polyurethane resin

It is one component, high performance PU resin for gravure lamination or surface ink. It has excellent adhesion property on OPP, PET, NY and other films.

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