Waterproof Strontium Aluminate luminescent powder

Waterproof luminescent powder is widely used in waterborne luminous ink, waterborne luminous paint, waterborne luminous paint.

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    White Powder
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It is manufactured with SA series pigment through coating process. It has the same performance regarding luminance level, color, and grain size as SA series. This series’ pigment be directly used for water-based paint or ink. We also recommend using it for photoluminescent products that must be immersed in water for a long period of time, for example in outdoors. 

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(D50) um

Afterglow intensity

Glowing color(Night)

Apparent (Daytime)









1). inner package 1 kg in a water-proof plastic bag.

2). Outer package: 25kgs(25bags)/ water-proof plastic pail.

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