Application of VC Copolymer MP45 Resin

Nov 23, 2021
Copolymer of Vinyl Chloride and Vinyl Isobutyl Ether, also called MP45 resin.

It is a good type of chlorinated binder and developed for printing ink and heavy anticorrosive paint.

MP resin does not contain saponifiable ester bond and its combined chlorine atom is very stable, which makes the coatings perform well in water resistance, salt resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It has good blending properties with other resins and it has good solubility in aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons. MP45 Resin produced strong dispersion and wettability to organic pigments, making the pigments fully demonstrate their primitive colors and metastatic. Besides, MP45 Resin has good adhesion on BOPP、OPP、PET etc. plastic films.

Technical data:



Type NO.



White powder


at 23℃ in 20% solution intoluene.


Chlorine content %


Moisture content %

0.5 max

Bulk Density g/ml

0.3 min

MP45 resin mainly be used as major resin for intaglio printing on the surface of PP film, Plastic woven bag, rice bag, and other PP bag.

If you want to some free samples for test, please let us know. Thank you!

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