How to choose Zirconia Beads?

Oct 15, 2021

As far as we know, no matter in coatings, chemical industries, new energy, and other industries, zirconia beads are inseparable.
Don't look at it inconspicuously, in fact,the quality of downstream finished products is inextricably linked to its super wear resistance and high strength. 

Which can be described as "small size, high effect”.

The main purpose of zirconia beads is to be used as a grinding medium.

In embossing inks and high quality paints, zirconium beads are a very good grinding medium, with excellent quality, extremely high density, and strong toughness, even under impact.

The grinding efficiency in the huge pin sand mill is very high.
But when you choose, you must choose the right zirconia beads according to your actual working conditions.
For example, it is not recommended to use pure zirconium beads in a vertical sand mill.

Unless the raw material you are grinding has a very high density, it is easy for the abrasive to sink to the bottom, which will seriously affect the grinding efficiency.

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