The Applications of Ketone Resin

May 31, 2021

Ketone resin is a kind of hard resin with high photo stability. It's non-toxic and light-coloured. And it's soluble in any solvent used in coating industry except for fatty alkane and water.

Sunman's ketone Resins can be used as co-binders in paints, adhesive, printing inks and other inks. They not only increase the solids content and accelerate drying speed but also improve numerous properties such as hardness, gloss and film build.

For Inks
In printing inks, such as laminated ink, gravure printing ink, surface printing ink, flexography ink, anti-forgery ink and ball pen ink, adding Ketone Resin ( 2 -15% in ink formula) can improve pigment wetting, luster, adhesion, printable, solid content and drying time.

Ketone Resin can resolve the problem of poor adhesion on some substrates, such as PE, PP, PET and PVC and also improves fluidity and adhesion of ball pen ink. It can be used also in food packing ink.

For Adhesives
It is very suitable to manufacture nitrocellulose adhesive, which can be used for leather, paper and other similar material.

For Paints
Ketone Resin can make the products have high hardness, gloss and flexibility. At the same time it can reduce viscosity and decrease pitting and improve adhesion , leveling and solid content.

It is suitable for producing hammer finish, nitro-metal paint, such as mechanical finishing paint, wooden varnish and transparent stable color paints.

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