What is polyamide resin?

Jun 02, 2021

Polyamide resin is reacted from dimer acid and diamine. This product is mainly used in gravure plastic printing inks and paper printing inks. It has very good adhesion on polyethylene material, especially be fit for printing on polyethylene film, plastic film such as tinsel composite laminated film. The printing ink which is made from this polyamide resin has good adhesion, high gloss, low freezing point, good solvent release and good compatible with nitrocotton.

Our Main products:

Co-solvent soluble polyamide resin

It is a kind of solid polyamide resin which can be soluble in mixed toluene/IPA solvent. When used together with solvent,pigment and filler,it can be formulated into varied of printing ink with bright colour,fast dryness,water resistance, folding endurance and chemical stability.

Alcohol soluble polyamide resin

It is a kind of solid polyamide resin which can be soluble in IPA solvent with high inoxidizability. Normally it is widely used in printing inks. It can imporve the advanced procedure and unique adhesion on PE, PP, PET surface. It also can firmly adhere to the surfaces of most dealt plastic and metal films when in high softening point.

Ester soluble polyamide resin

New Eco-friendly Ester soluble polyamide resin (low temperature resistance type ) is yellowish granula transparent solid. It performs stable characteristics, good solubility in ester solvent, good solvent release, high gloss and good adhesion, good resistance to bend.

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