The main application areas of acrylic resin

Jun 02, 2021
Acrylic resins feature excellent transparency and durability, There are many fields of acrylic resin application, screen printing inks, various common plastic substrate coatings and printing inks etc. In general, acrylic resin is mainly used in automotive coatings, maintenance coatings, metal costing, wood paint, road marking paint etc.

Key parameters of an acrylic resin are:

TG (Glass transition temperature)
Average Molecular weight of the polymers, and
Polymer molecular weight distribution

These parameters have an impact on the resin properties (viscosity, dispersion…) and on the final film / coating obtained (flexibility/hardness...).

Depending on customers’s composition, we can divide acrylic resins in 2 different categories:Thermoplastic Solid Acrylic Resin and Waterbased solid acrylic resin. If you need more information, pls let us know.

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