Usage of Chlorinated EVA Resin

Jun 08, 2021

Chlorinated EVA (CEVA) resin is a white or yellowish granular or blocky solid. It is manufactured from the raw material of EVA through chemical modification.

It can be dissolved in organic solvent like toluene, ester, etc.

Chlorinated EVA (CEVA) resin has been widely used in composite ink for high grade plastics in order for improving the ink’s adhesive strength, ink property, glossiness and the pigment’s dispersilbility, wettability and cold resistance, etc.

CEVA is a good binder for plastic products. It is applicable to high grade ink, additives for treatment of fibers, paint for biaxial tension polypropylene film and laminating agent for polyethylene / polypropylene films.

Sunman could adjust the viscosity of differenct range as the customer's request. So any questions, pls let us know.

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