What is Erucamide used for?

Feb 10, 2022

Erucamide is a wide prospect of market of non-ionic surface active agent, widely used in plastics, engineering plastics, cosmetics, medicine, environmental protection coating and printing ink, paper, metal products and other fields, erucic acid amide is non-toxic, high decomposition temperature, thermal stability, good antistatic performance, less dosage, good effect, etc. Erucic acid amide is known as the "king of chemical raw materials" in the 21st century, and plays a very important role in industrial production.

At present, the common domestic varieties of smooth agent amide (Oleamide and Erucamide), soap (calcium stearate, etc.) and silicone (silicone). The latter is liquid, it is not convenient to add and use, and the price is expensive, there is no professional manufacturer in China, it is difficult to promote and apply. Although soap products are cheap, the effect is not ideal, and the amount of addition is large, so they can not be used in medium and high-grade products. Oleamide and Erucamide, these two kinds of smooth agents, moderate price, obvious effect, add a little (0.05% ~ 0.3%), non-toxic (FDA certification), a wide range of use, has a wide range of application prospects.

In addition, through a lot of application practice shows that Erucamide is extracted from non-animal fats and has better thermal stability than Oleamide. Because of its higher melting point, higher heat resistance and can be processed at a higher temperature, Erucamide is gradually replacing Oleamide, and has a broader market prospects.

In recent years, the rapid development of plastic film in China has increased the demand for slippery agent products to a large extent. With the increase of plastic film production, modern high-speed production equipment makes the demand for lubricating additives for plastic film further increase. At the same time, domestic medical, ink, paper, rubber and other industries in recent years in the rapid growth of the increase in the demand for smooth agent.

From the specific products of the slippery agent, Erucamide 's better use effect makes it gradually become the leader in fatty acid amide, and its market demand is gradually increasing.


1, can be used as CPP, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PVC, PVDF, PVDC, PU, multi-layer co-extruded film, high transmittance of plastic sheeting, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and metallocene polyethylene, such as agents and the opening agent, can significantly reduce the product (film or sheet) of the dynamic and static surface friction coefficient, increase the ease of processing and packaging operations efficiency;

2, in the ink from, anti-stick and anti-fouling effect, delay the settlement of pigments and fillers, to help re-distributed to increase the prints resistance to abrasion, scratch resistance, surface smoothness, in particular, to improve their sexualand color printing of anti-adhesive;

3, in the rubber (SBE, SBP, SBR, PP) added to the goods, rubber products can increase the gloss, anti-fouling and elongation, and enhanced wear resistance to promote curing, in particular to prevent the effects of the sun cracks ;

4, can be used as a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE, TEO, TPU) and fluoride release agent and the surface of rubberand brightener, lubricant and release agent engineering plastics, LDPE leather rolling lubricant, fiber material, non - Textile fabrics and entertainment agentchips, as well as wear-resistant materials such as PA (gears, seal sleeve, skateboards, etc.) agents and modified ABS graphite fiber dispersant lubricating materials.

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