What is Zirconia Ceramic Beads?

Jun 22, 2021

Zirconia beads, a kind of ceramic grinding media, have features of good quality, no fracture, stable performance, reliable quality and long service life. They're low comprehensive operating cost which can effectively ensure that the abrasive material is not polluted, and maintain the high purity of the abrasive material. The high density of the zirconia ceramic beads can improve the grinding efficiency. And due to the low wear rate of zirconia mill balls, the stability of the grinding process condition can be effectively ensured. The stability and consistency of the quality of the raw material facilitates process control and management.

The Benefits of Zirconia Beads:

- High crushing strength and fracture durability superior wear resistance which has no any break under high speed

impace. They can improve the efficience of grinding and no contamination.

- High density and excellent grinding efficiency for grinding materials down to Nano size.

- Smooth surface, good sphericity and low self-loss.

- Significant cost and waste reduction.


It is suitable for grinding and dispersion of ultra-finematerial such aselectronic ceramics, magnetic materials, highpurity ceramics material such as alumina oxide, silicon oxide, zirconium silicate and titanium dioxide: foodstuffs, cosmetic and pigment, inks, paint and coating materials.

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