Zirconium silicate ceramic grinding ball

With a medium density and hardness,Zirconium silicate ceramic grinding balls are suitable for the grinding of the material with a low or medium viscosity and it can be used in most of the grinders.
  • Product Origin:

  • Material:

    Zirconia Ceramic
  • Size:

  • Moh's hardness:

  • Density:

    > 4.0g/cm3
  • Product Detail

a.  High strength and hardness

b.  High density

c.  Good Spherical degree

d.  Wear-resisting 

e.  Smooth surface, easy clean. Reduce the internal friction among beads and imporve the material flow efficiency. 

zirconia silicate grinding media beads



ZrO2: 65%, SiO2:35%


> 4.0g/cm3

Packing Density



MOH'S scale 7.2

Wear Rate

Reach advanced level in the world


Φ0-0.063, Φ0.063-0.125, Φ0.125-0.25, Φ0.25-0.425, Φ0.4-0.6, Φ0.6-0.8, 

Φ0.8-1.0, Φ1.0-1.2, Φ1.2-1.4, Φ1.4-1.7, Φ1.5-2.0, Φ2.0-2.5…or any customize sizes.

zirconia silicate grinding media beads are mainly applied in the grinding and dispersion of calcium carbonate, kaolin, zirconia, titanium dioxide, dyestuffs, printing ink, coating, and can also be used in the surface treatment of the metals, such as polishing

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