95% ZrO2 Zirconia Ceramic Balls

zirconia ceramic balls are with high strength, high fracture toughness, a large proportion of the wear-resistant, ppm wear grade, high hardness, corrosion resistance, ultra-smooth surface features and etc.

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    Zirconia Ceramic
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1.No broken and peeling balls: the best choice for high speed disperser mills.
2.PPM wear rate: to grind the non cross contamination material is possible.
3.Always maintain the smooth surface, the good roundness during beads are at work.

Chemical Composition:







Typical Properties:

Specific Gravity


Bulk Density


Hardness Mohs


Hardness Vickers


Crushing Strength





Φ0.1, Φ0.2, Φ0.3, Φ0.4-0.6, Φ0.6-0.8, Φ0.8-1.0, Φ1.0-1.2, Φ1.2-1.4, Φ1.4-1.7,

Φ1.5-2.0, Φ2.0-2.5, Φ3, Φ4, Φ5, Φ8, Φ10…or any customize sizes.


1.grinding and dispersion of coatings and paints.
2.organic/inorganic pigments, e.g. titanium dioxide, ultra marine, iron oxide, etc.
3.pigments to dye textiles, plastics and food.
4.electric ceramics, e.g. barium titanate, piezoelectric ceramics, sensors, condensers.
5.medical technology, e.g. dentures and hip prosthesis.
6.magnetic ceramic, ferrite.
7.technical ceramic components, e.g. exhaust cultivator in engine technology.
8.dispersion of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides.
9.grinding of pigments and solids for lipsticks, skin and sun protection creams.
10.nano grinding for the production of active substances and supplies substances.

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