Resins are an important materials on packaging inks.

Sep 20, 2020

Resins are the carrier of the pigment in the ink, which is the core material of the ink. Along with pigments, resins convey important properties to the printing process as part of the ink vehicle. Resins impart many important characteristics of a finished ink, including gloss and adhesion, runnability on the press, and can also help disperse pigment.


The quality of the ink will directly affect the performance of the ink, because the resin binder determines the viscosity and viscosity of the ink to a large extent. Dryness, fluidity and other properties. In order to obtain high-quality inks, it is necessary to use high-quality inks for resins.

Ink resins are available in a variety of kinds, including CPP resin, Polyamide resin, Polyurethane resin, and Acrylic resin, etc. They are suitable for differenct ink system and printing material.

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