What is Flexography Printing Ink?

Nov 10, 2020

Flexo (Flexography) Inks are inks transferred by the process of flexography, primarily used in the printing of packing materials, for example, cardboard boxes, brown corrugated cardboard, paper bags and plastic bags, newspapers, etc. There are several types of ink which are mainly water-based, solvent-based, and UV curable. The flexo inks, like Gravure inks, have low-viscosity, characterised as fluids. This enables faster drying and, as a result, faster production, which results in lower costs. The flexo inks and method of printing continue to grow in popularity due to its low cost and environmentally friendly nature.

General properties of Flexo Printing Ink





Must use a synthetic resin plate that is highly resistant to
solvents as it contains alcohols & esters. Makes a wider
variety of resins available.

Application on Al-foil,
Polyolefin, Polyester Nylon, etc.
Interior/exterior printing


May apply on a wide range of boards as it contains
Ethanol, IPA or other Glycol that cause minimal effect to
the plate. Tendency of absorbing moisture.

Al exterior printing OPP,

PE exterior
surface printing


Inflammable with no solvent residue. May be diluted with
water. Harder to re-fuse. Limited dryness.


Principle of flexoprinting

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